Thursday, October 20, 2011

"PRINCIPLES" of Tendon Transfer Surgery

principles of tendon tranfers

(1) Supple joints before transfer,

(2) soft-tissue equilibrium,

(3) donor of adequate excursion,

(4) donor of adequate strength,

(5) expendable donor,

(6) Straight line of pull,

(7) Synergy,

(8) single function per transfer


a. Force generating ability,

b. Moment arm,

c. Tension of the transfer


A peripheral nerve injury that has no potential to improve.

  1. root avulsions,
  2. nerve injuries
  3. that do not recover after direct nerve repair or grafting,
  4. failed nerve transfers.
  5. loss of muscle or tendon following trauma,
  6. central neurologic deficits such as spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy,
  7. tendon ruptures in patients with rheumatoid arthritis,
  8. poliomyelitis and
  9. leprosy

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